A Re-post from Jenny & Tyler…

Other than the part about songwriting (I’m still trying to get a hold on that concept – a dream of mine since childhood), this blog relates exactly what I deal with over and over in my walk with Christ. I’m still learning to “abide in my Savior.” God’s always there and always loves me. I need to let go and believe that fully.

Jenny & Tyler's Blog

In January of 2011 my dad and grandpa came to Nashville to help my brother build a studio apartment in his basement. Tyler and I currently rent that apartment and we were recruited to help with the build. I learned quickly that I am no whiz with a hammer, so I retreated upstairs to bake cookies.

While the cookies were in the oven I picked up my brother’s guitar and fiddled around a bit. I’ve been very inspired by Sandra McCracken over the past couple of years. She has the ability to tell a story in a clear, concise way, and truly paints a vivid picture for the listener. I’d just written Skyline Hill a few weeks earlier, and was really focusing on using imagery in my songwriting.

I had a vision of a girl chasing a red balloon down a dirt path. (I think that most of us visualize…

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