God is good. Life is bittersweet and beautiful. I love it, and I’m so thankful that I can say that, because there were many times in my life where I just wanted it to be over. But by God’s grace and strength, I outlived my demons. Christ conquered them. And here I am. Life certainly […]

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// I D E N T I F Y //

She found these mushrooms on her day’s journey. “I want to identify them,” she told me, and I did, too. As our conversation continued, we found ourselves identifying each other. Identifying with each other. Struggles, victories; mysteries, discoveries; dislikes, loves; valleys, peaks. We all want identity, and perhaps even more, to have someone identify us. To […]

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Let me tell you what love is.

Love is undeserved. Picture this. There is a person in your life who hates you. They do the complete opposite of what is good for you. They may metaphorically or literally spit in your face. They ruin your reputation, they steal from you, they hate and judge you for everything you say or do, even […]

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Christmas Night

So, it’s Christmas night. The day has passed, the carols have been sung, the hugs goodbye have been given, and the unwrapped presents sit scattered around the floor, their shiny wrappings thrown away. And perhaps we feel unwrapped – exposed, vulnerable, no longer able to hide behind golden angels and decorative bows. Perhaps we are […]

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