Fighting Bitterness – John Piper

Bitterness is something that I had to deal with and fight for quite a while after what happened at the beginning of this last summer. I didn’t have this podcast to listen to then. In my personal search to defeat those bitter feelings, that gut frustration from no one truly being able to understand, that wanted justice and a solution now – during that journey, by God’s grace I figured out how to get past it on my own and by relying on Him, and it’s exactly what Piper talks about here. So when I heard this today, I had to share, because all the while I was saying, “Yes! Yes, that’s it! That’s exactly what I needed to do. That’s exactly what others need to hear.” I say this from experience, each step Piper suggests is valid and needs to be met when fighting bitterness towards someone.

Ahh, I’m talking too much from the excitement these truths give me. :) Piper’s perception and wisdom is absolutely amazing. I thank God for the words He’s given him. Have a listen!


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