I Invented the iPad.

True story, purely for your amusement. Enjoy.

Just want to clarify something. I invented the iPad.

Well, maybe not invented. But I had the idea for it. Let me explain.

In sixth grade Social Studies, we learned about the Industrial Revolution and were given an assignment. It was simply for fun. We were asked to come up with our own invention to meet needs for today. I took it very seriously.

I spent a good chunk of time just thinking of needs of today. I already had every object available to me, if I had the money, I thought. What could I want? So I looked at it from a different angle, considering things the fellow student might need or would convenience them.

I thought about how much I hated the books and the writing. I also didn’t enjoy carrying around a chunky binder and filing things away (which took an extra minute I hated wasting, especially when a teacher would ask for it out again), only to have assignments be lost or crinkled sometimes. I wanted something that could have my books on it, have a document-creating program, and save my work with the option of organization. A laptop would be too large and expensive.

So I invented the Binderpad.

The iPad… or my Binderpad?

I kid you not, that was the name. It was a rectangular device, about the size of – you guessed it – today’s iPad. I didn’t know a touch-screen was possible, but other than a few differences, it could do all the things an iPad could. My Binderpad had a fully colored digital screen. On the bottom of the device was a little ball to roll for a mouse (similar to the really old laptops or the Blackberry). In its bottom edge was a full keyboard that could be slid out when it was to be used. It had a place for a jump drive, it had a calculator. It could store documents and hold digital books that would be provided by the school.

While everyone else was showing their specially designed garbage cans or cups or whatever, I had my Binderpad. I was so confident that I seriously considered sending in my design to some company.

That’s as far as I got. Boy, I wish I’d taken it farther.

Someone from Apple must have found my sketches and had the resources to make it what it is today. And the audacity to not give me proper credit. But, at least I can inform you here of the truth, and perhaps if this is shared enough, I can claim my rights and monetary credit.

Until next time! :)


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